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Let me talk to you in to buying *blank*

So awhile ago I interviewed for a position with Aflac *insert duck joke here*.  And on the whole, it's not a horrible company.  If fact the services they offer clients are pretty solid all things consider.  I'm scheduling a second interview but I find myself hesitating.  Why?

Because I'm not a fucking salesman!

Oh I can sell the shit out of something if it's a product or service I honestly beleive will benefit the buyer.  Working for Borders I got more than a few customers to pony up for books they might never have otherwise thought of, and I expect I'll be doing the same at Gamestop.  But to pull out my magic hypnotism powers of...magic, I have to be committed to the idea that I'm acting in their best interests.

Again, Aflac has great services, and objectively, I support that.  I just don't know if I can get myself into a mindset to sell for them.  There's also the fact that the posistion is only commission based pay, but then it also allows me to choose how much time I put into it.  So I could have one or two other jobs (like I do now) to pay the bills and sell insurance on the side.

I don't know, maybe I'm just over thinking it.  I need to sleep on this some more before I set up the next round of interviews.



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Sep. 29th, 2011 02:43 pm (UTC)
What I would say is that there's a difference between being a good salesman and a pushy one. It sounds like you don't have to sell insurance to anyone under the sun, and I think that'll help you. Another thing to consider is that you want customers, and just by the very nature of the product, not everyone is going to be a good candidate from the seller's POV. For example, soon I'll be living at home with mom and dad and paying them back for college. Is the insurance a good purchase for me? Probably not, but a good seller also probably wouldn't waste their time selling it to me if I'm not going to buy it.

Another thing is that as a seller, you're trying to give people the right fit. One policy might be right for one person, but be awful for another and knowing that and helping people find the right policy is part of your job. I think that it'll help you a lot to look at it that way rather than selling to anyone and everyone.

Also, if it's only commissioned based, why not try it? You may even be able to say that it's something you're willing to try as opposed to saying it's your passion/what you want to do in life.
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