I...I'm spent.

I think I used up my quota of intellectualism with some of the posts this week.  I thought about it at work but couldn't think of any strong topics.

So here's a list of random musings;

I remember hearing the word 'antidisestablishmenttarianism' when I was in middle school and thinking it was the most entertaining word ever.  But now that I think about it, wouldn't it mean something along the lines of 'the socio-political belief in removing the established systems'?

Why does my cat snore?  Not purr, snore.  And it's adorable by the way.

I wish America still had a middle class.  Now it's more like Rich, Poor, and Destitute.

I wonder if I can make myself the resident nerd when I start working at Gamestop, the guy customers are directed to when they need very specific info.  I bet I can, and considering the crew I'll be working with that's saying something.

Facebook has changed it's layout...why is this an issue?  Also, no, they are not going to be charging us.  And even if they did, how would they get your credit info without you first providing it?

I'm out, peace!

Perspective Redux

*Warning: Graphic Language...Again*

Yep, we're back on this again.  And by this I mean http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/09/22/starfire-catwoman-sex-superheroine/

This issue has already been reviewed to Hell and back, then for good measure ground into the earth and purged with fire.  But I have more to say.

I still haven't read either of the comics featuring Starfire or Catwoman.  But thanks to reviews like the link above as well as this one http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/ir/lag/comic/32598-dcnu-week-3 I feel I have more than enough information for what I want to discuss.

As I said when I covered this topic two days ago, female characters who own their sexuality are far more attractive than ones who exist just for the camera.  In Red Hood and the Outlaws the reason for Starfire's 'free love' approach is because apparently, as a rule for her species, they don't remember things about Earth because it doesn't matter enough to them, and so they live in the moment.  To the point that Starfire cannot remember the names of her old teammates on the Teen Titans, and worse, it's implied she slept with them and can't be bothered to remember the names of her past trysts.

This is a problem for me for two reasons.  First and foremost, as I've said, she has been reduced to a sexual tool more than a person.  Someone whose emotions are inconsequential and forgotten in favor of being used for male gratification.

Taking a moment to look at this just from a Comic/Superhero perspective, my second problem is also regarding the lack of emotional connection.  Before the reboot, Starfire was in a committed relationship with Robin, to the point that they shared a bed and obviously had a sexual connection as well as emotional.  And that's the key here, emotional connection.

Taking away not only that connection, but all of her ability to even remake those connections, means that she will remain a void of a character, good for nothing more than cheap thrills for her male teammates.  A cumdump, sorry but it had to be said.  Taking away Starfire's emotions leaves a character I would not want to be on a team with.  Superheroes are frequently in dangerous and passionate situations, why would you want a teammate who cannot invest themselves in the way needed?  They would be a liability in any situation, particularly for Starfire as canonically her powers are FUELED BY HER FUCKING EMOTIONS!!

*sigh* That's all I've got for now.  This is such a frustrating topic to cover.  And I haven't even gotten started on Catwoman being penetrated on a dirty Gotham rooftop.

Let me talk to you in to buying *blank*

So awhile ago I interviewed for a position with Aflac *insert duck joke here*.  And on the whole, it's not a horrible company.  If fact the services they offer clients are pretty solid all things consider.  I'm scheduling a second interview but I find myself hesitating.  Why?

Because I'm not a fucking salesman!

Oh I can sell the shit out of something if it's a product or service I honestly beleive will benefit the buyer.  Working for Borders I got more than a few customers to pony up for books they might never have otherwise thought of, and I expect I'll be doing the same at Gamestop.  But to pull out my magic hypnotism powers of...magic, I have to be committed to the idea that I'm acting in their best interests.

Again, Aflac has great services, and objectively, I support that.  I just don't know if I can get myself into a mindset to sell for them.  There's also the fact that the posistion is only commission based pay, but then it also allows me to choose how much time I put into it.  So I could have one or two other jobs (like I do now) to pay the bills and sell insurance on the side.

I don't know, maybe I'm just over thinking it.  I need to sleep on this some more before I set up the next round of interviews.


***Warning:  Crude Language Ahead.***

It's a funny thing.  Here I am a typical mid 20s guy, aware of my own interests and of what's around me.

Do I check women out?  Oh you bet I do.  But I am still aware of the fact that they exist as people first and foremost, and that their appearance (and my opinions on that) is extraneous to the fact that they are a PERSON.

Why do I bring this up you ask?  This, http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/09/22/starfire-catwoman-sex-superheroine/ this is why.

That article very accurately sums up some severe problems with what is going on with the new line of DC comics right now.  The heroines aren't being treated as heroic women.  They're being treated as sexual tools and nothing more.

This is a problem.  This is a very, VERY severe problem.

And it isn't just in comics, it happens in all forms of media from comics to movies to video games and beyond.  This has nothing to do with the medium(s) themselves, and everything to do with the people behind the characters.

In my opinion a female character who owns her sexuality is far more attractive and sexy than one who is a sexual object.  If I wanted just sexual gratification...I have my hand for that!  I would much MUCH rather see a female character who is strong and in control of her sexuality than one who is posing for the viewer.

That's not attractive, it's porn.

Thank you, that is all.

Daily Posting, It Begins!

I've decided to challenge myself.  I'm going to post a journal entry every weekday.  What are they going to be about?  I have no idea.  It'll depend on the day I suppose.  Sometimes real life, sometimes internet, sometimes fiction.

Today I think I'll start with the basics.  I worked for the Borders bookstore for about a year and a half.  But in case you weren't aware, the company has closed.  It happened so fast that I wasn't getting enough hours at my main store so I transferred to another one in my area.

What I was so pleased about though is that the people I worked with at the second store created the exact same atmosphere that I left behind.  Why is that?  Is it that we were all book lovers?  We came from different backgrounds; some still in college, others had graduated with varying degrees.  Some had worked at the store for over a decade and others just a few months.  And yet we clicked.  Oh good lord did we ever click.

Without a moments hesitation I found myself in just as welcoming and engaging an atmosphere as the one I left behind and I cannot be more pleased about that.  At this point both bookstores in my area have shut down but I'm still socializing with all the people I had worked with (thank you facebook) and even dating one of them!

That's all I've really got on this topic, though I have plenty of insane retail stories, but I'll leave off for now.

P.S. Does anyone know where I can find icons for livejournal?  I really don't have any.


Over on Terribleminds there are weekly fiction challenges.  This week's was a genre mashup found here http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2011/06/24/flash-fiction-challenge-sub-genre-mash-up/

This was really a ton of fun, I had a bit of a slow start but once it got going it flowed very smoothly.  The challenge calls for 1,000 words, this is just under 800.  I couldn't decide how to lengthen it without resorting to needless padding so I left well enough alone.  Regardless, enjoy!


Collapse )

What's this? Words you say?!

What?  Why, what are these things at my fingertips?  Letters you say?  Letters to make words?

That's right people, I'm writing again.  Well, not so much AGAIN again, as I have been plucking away at my big bang fic.  But I wrote about 1,000 words today, some for the Big Bang Fic, but the other 700+ for a flashfic from this site,


Seriously, everyone who writes...anything...at all...ever, check this blog out.

I went with Steampunk mashed with Superhero.  Anyone want to peak at it before I finish fine tuning and post it?

AU Meme

Acknowledging that I missed a week on this trend, totally my fault, sorry about that.  This time around it's the Alternate Universe Meme.  I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.  Anything completely outside of canon is acceptable for this one, no limitations (other than that it involve Avatar).  Modern Day, High School, Complete Rewrite of Canon, Avatar is written as (insert different show here).  That's it, nothing more to say.

Standard rules apply of course:
    -Three prompts per comment.
    -Avatar related in some way.

EDIT:  And I'll try to be more prompt with this one.

Divergence Meme

Continuing my new Sunday tradition of posting writing challenges to myself, this week I'm trying divergences from canon as the meme.  To clarify, that means spcifically a change in events.  Examples:  Zuko chooses not to free Appa from Lake Laogai.  Or, Sokka isn't able to get everyone away before Jet floods the valley. 

As before, here are TEH RULEZ!
-Three prompts per comment
-Again this is for event/divergences only.  Not a genderswap, not a 'what if Ozai was the spiritual son instead of Iroh.' and not 'what if the Avatar was the doom of the world instead of the salvation.'
-From the first five replies I'll write one of the prompts.

I put in all those clarifying details because I feel that those are all sepearate types of memes.  Genderswap is an obvious one, and I'd call the Ozai and Avatar examples to be Alternate Universes instead of a divergence.  What I'm basically asking for are prompts where the series (and obviously everything that happened before episode one) all happen normally until a specific point (of your choosing) where things change.

P.S. Alternate universe meme will be the next one.

P.P.S. Happy Birthday to me as of yesterday.

Meme: Role Reversal.

I know I didn't get much response on the genderswap meme (Thank you Feral_Shrew), but I still like the challenge and it's helping me stay on track with my fic for the big bang so here is another common meme I've seen online; Role Reversal.  Again please keep it within the Avatar universe.

-Three prompts per comment
-List the character(s) to be swapped, in this case that can mean listing two characters (Sokka swapped with Wang Shi Tong) or just one (What if Ty Lee was the blind earthbender?).  Any other details you want to include are optional.
-From the first five replies I'll write one of the prompts.

Let's see what you've got people.